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Are you ready to dive 🀿 into Vue.js this Summer?

With over 450 lessons packed with everything you need to become a Vue.js pro and a special invitation to our ever-growing Slack community, you’ll be one step closer to becoming a Vue expert!

Dip your toes into our special Summer offer and master Vue.js for only $49!
This offer is limited, so swim fast 🏊 and grab it on time!


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Thomas Bnt β˜•

Hi there, this post might fit better as a DEV Listing. It’s a dedicated area of the platform where community members and organizations are encouraged to publish information related to events, products, services, job listings, and everything in between.

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Keeley Hauck

Vue.js is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces that are quickly becoming the premier choice of front-end developers all over the world. It's a great time to learn Vue, and Pluralsight has everything you need to get started! This summer will be full of new opportunities to learn all about Vue. From online courses to books on Vue, there's a lot of good stuff to check out. I would to travel and write stories at the same time therefore this article will help me to do this simultaneously so that I could get success in it.