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Powertoys - common macOS keys mapping for Keyboard Manager

Part 1

I use VScode every day for my coding stuffs. My work machine is a mac book, of course it runs macOS, in another hand, I love Windows so much, as much as years (>15) I had used it and still using it on my PC and another Windows laptop.

Just found a way to re-mapping Windows keyboard layout to make it like a Mac, then I don't "need" to be confuse by switching computers day by day.

The original idea just came from this blog

Too long, didn't read?

OK, so I will leave the image which captured on the above article without explaining also.

The mapping is quite easy, the idea is not

The PowerToys - an additional tools set on Windows, you should know it before read this 😎, otherwise pls just click and read at here 😁. has Keyboard Manager tool, so you just need to follow the below image to make it works.

PowerToys is very powerful, Keyboard Manager is so simple

An explanation

  • At the beginning of writing this one, I have tried many way to avoid ctrl+space changing along to swapping ctrl+alt. It just made a conflict and I've never done to re-map my keyboard on Windows like what I using on Mac. Just because I ignored the Win key swapping together. After read the blog of zelllwk, I just see the image about that idea (aka the very good explanation about what I missed before). 😁
  • This tutorial is quite simple, I just work very well on my VSCode but I still think how to change the labels of those 3 physical buttons to make it to be more perfect and reducing accident if my eyes just took a look and transfer the wrong information to my brain. 😂
  • Nothings changed on keyboard binding of VScode

Part 2

More keys, more fun

Take a look!


Good luck if you have followed this tips. Don't forget to share your exp, pls!

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