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Generate Typescript from Java

If you develop the backend with Java and the frontend with TypeScript, chances are you might need to have the same DTO classes/interfaces on both ends.

In this case, wouldn't it be great if we can define the DTO classes on the backend, and generate Typescript classes automatically.

Thanks to typescript-generator, we just have to configure the maven plugin or create a Gradle task.

For Maven

Add the following plugin to your pom file

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When you run ./mvnw clean install, the generated TypeScript file will be available under target/company.ts

For Gradle

Configure the plugin and Create a task

apply plugin: 'cz.habarta.typescript-generator'
buildscript {
    repositories {
    dependencies {
        classpath group: 'cz.habarta.typescript-generator', name: 'typescript-generator-gradle-plugin', version: '2.24.612'

generateTypeScript {
    jsonLibrary = 'jackson2'
    classes = [
    outputFile = 'build/company.ts'
    outputKind = 'module'
    outputFileType = 'implementationFile'
    mapClasses = 'asClasses'
    mapEnum = 'asEnum'
    nonConstEnums = true
    optionalProperties = 'useLibraryDefinition'

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You can run the Gradle task manually: ./gradlew generateTypeScript or make another task in your build chain depends on it. [1]

In the above example, I added the following configurations to override the default behavior.

  • outputFile: Path and name of generated TypeScript file.
  • outputFileType: Output file format, can be:
    • declarationFile (.d.ts)
    • implementationFile (.ts)
  • mapClasses: Specifies whether Java classes will be mapped to TypeScript classes or interfaces. Supported values are:
    • asInterfaces
    • asClasses
  • mapEnum: Specifies how enums will be mapped. Supported values are:
    • asUnion - creates type alias to union of string enum values
    • asInlineUnion - creates union of enum values on places where the enum is used
    • asEnum - creates string enum. Requires TypeScript 2.4
    • asNumberBasedEnum - creates enum of named number values
  • nonConstEnums: If true generated enums will not have const keyword. This can be used only in implementation files
  • optionalProperties: Specifies how properties are defined to be optional. Supported values are:
    • useSpecifiedAnnotations - annotations specified using optionalAnnotations or requiredAnnotations parameter
    • useLibraryDefinition - examples: @JsonProperty(required = false) when using jackson2 library or @XmlElement(required = false) when using jaxb library
    • all - all properties are optional

Learn more about configuring typescript-generator-maven-plugin plugin in the Configuration Documentation

The example with maven can be found here on GitHub.

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