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Vaibhav Desai
Vaibhav Desai

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Best Practices for beginner to start Web Development.

Are you a complete beginner to Web-Development don't know how to start? What could be the best practice in order to master the skills?.....Just note these points and you'll make the best from this.

1.Component library using HTML.

What's component library???Confused??..
Let's Break-in,
Component library is like a blueprint of all the essential design/Style required for your project.But how is this useful?

Component library of HTML will have all the essential designs for your project leading to which you will also be able to complete your work faster as the entire components are present at one place you just need to arrange them as per the idea you have.

And not just this also Remember to use the Right tags at the Right place.

Understand the essence of tags like div,section,ol,ul,meta & etc

where,when & how to use the tags is the most essential thing?

The Right practice from the beginning will be fruitful for the rest of your journey

2.Practice CSS

CSS is something that won't come to you in a day you'll need to practice it to master it.
But How?still worried!!!

Sit back let me help..
Remember the component library you made...Yes!Yes!Yes!
Just repeat this process for CSS as well the same way you did it in HTML,this will not just help you understand things but also allow you to experiment without hampering the real project.

3.You don't need to be a great designer

When you are starting the journey always remember you need not be a very good designer always things will come to you with time,When you are a beginner Learn to follow Symmetry ...

But you Should be that Capable enough to replicate the designs using HTML&CSS if shown in front of you..

And make this a practice try to replicate designs that's how you'll master HTML and CSS.

4.Learn to use Github & Inspect Element

Understand how to use github as it is the best tool you can have to store your code and keep the track of all changes made rolled-back with add on to inspect element where you can edit and make changes on the webpage and see how they reflect as per your desire or ain't...All this without even disturbing the original code

Feels good

5.Make Projects

Most of the time as a beginner you tend to make mistakes by just watching a course or reading a doc. This is passive learning!

You feel you know things but when you start doing things that's when you realize you are not knowing enough and again run back to those videos.

That's a pretty bad practice..But there is alternative..

Learn things take down notes read about them..then try to make dummy projects ,whenever you feel stuck refer your notes implement them ..if you miss something search for it and add it to your notes implement it and always be open to constructive criticism and suggestions.


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Ahamed Sajeeth

nice explain

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Vaibhav Desai

Thank you..