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Wael El-Sayegh
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how to improve my skills in CSS3 and html5

i just finished html5 and css3 tutorial, before i move into JS and front end tools i need to practice more until i am comfortable using CSS and i am a bit struggling with it,, what do you recommend and is there a way i can improve my skills?

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Uriel Bitton • Edited

yes easy. Keep practicing html and css, practice more and more, when you think you know it well enough practice it some more.
To understand css fully you need a lot more practice than most people think. Once you have a deep understanding of positioning, displays, padding, margins, floats, widths and heights (at least those - most important properties) only then would i recommend to start learning javascript and jquery.
Then again, once you master jquery and jaavscript, only then should you move on to learn react and angular.

Keep practicing and don't forget to enjoy the llearning process!