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How to wait for a request to finish before moving on with Cypress

Today in "Pinches of Cypress", learn a mechanism to make your tests more robust

Imagine an application for notes' creation.

After logging into the application, the user is redirected to a list of all their notes.

After creating, editing, or deleting a note, it is also directed to the same notes list.

Let's look at an example.

describe('Notes', () => {
  beforeEach(() => {
    cy.intercept('GET', '**/notes').as('getNotes')

  it('successfully creates a note', () => {
    const myNote = 'Buy coffee'


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In the first line inside of the beforeEach function callback, I use cy.intercept() to intercept an HTTP request of type GET for a route that ends with the string /notes, then I create an alias for this request, called getNotes.

Then, right after logging into the application, I use cy.wait(), passing the alias created previously (@getNotes). That way, Cypress will wait for such a request to end before moving on to run the test that successfully creates a note.

Then we arrived at the test itself.

Initially, I store a string in a variable called myNote.

Then I perform the steps to create a note, where I first click on a link, I type the note into a text field, and finally, I click on a button that has the text 'Create'.

Before the verification, I call cy.wait() again, passing the alias created previously (@getNotes) to wait for the request to finish before moving on.

Finally, with the request complete, I check that my note is visible. 🥳

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This post was originally published in Portuguese on the Talking About Testing blog.

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Discussion (2)

shanim profile image

Whenever I use cy. wait with cy.intercept I receive the following error. Do you know any workarounds?
Timed out retrying after 5000ms: cy.wait() timed out waiting 5000ms for the 1st request to the route: file. No request ever occurred.



walmyrlimaesilv profile image
Walmyr Filho Author

It seems that requests are taking more than Cypress's defaults for such a thing. A way to work around it would be to overwrite the requestTimeout.
I recommend reading the official docs for timeouts