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Kelvin Wangonya
Kelvin Wangonya

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A Python binding for the web monetization Javascript API

For this hackathon, I'm thinking of building a python binding for the web monetization API. Here's what I have in mind:

According to the docs, if you want to check if a user is web monetized, you check the state using:

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You would then proceed to implement your logic based on the state.

As a backend python developer, it would be cool if I could do that in python. If I'm using Flask for example, and I have a monetized route, I would want to write something like:

from monetize import check_state

def monetized_page():
    state = check_state()
    if state == 'started':
        # implement logic to offer monetized content
        # do something else
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This is a simple example but that's the general idea - to have all the methods exposed by the js API in python. Javascript would of course still be working behind the scenes once this gets to the browser.

I believe something like this would make it easier to implement the monetization API for python developers working with web frameworks like flask and django.

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Ben Greenberg

When I saw this hackathon my first thought was how could this be made relevant to backend devs, as a backend dev myself. This is a great idea! Excited to see the progress on it.

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Ben Greenberg • Edited

You inspired me actually, and I'm putting together some Rack middleware to handle the web monetization API for the Ruby backend developer :)

update, it's posted!

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Kelvin Wangonya

Wow, that was fast πŸ˜€

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Ben Halpern