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Kelvin Wangonya
Kelvin Wangonya

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How many ads is the average user exposed to in a day? 😱

I like to try out different browsers, and I've been using brave for about a week now. One thing I really like about it is it blocks unwanted ads and trackers by default and keeps count.

I hadn't really been paying attention to the numbers but they got my attention today. Just six days of using it as my primary browser and already:

  • 286 trackers blocked
  • 7,907 ads blocked

While I do spend a considerable amount of time on my browser, that's more than a thousand ads per day. I don't know but these numbers seem impossible to me. That means, if I wasn't blocking any ads at all, I'd be exposed to more than a thousand ads a day on my laptop alone. That's not counting Spotify (since I don't have a premium subscription), stuff on TV, on my phone...

I'd like to hear the community's input on this. Who else uses Brave? How are your numbers?

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David J Eddy

I installed PiHole on my home network and couldn't be happier. It's an amazing concept and works flawlessly on a gen 2 Pi.

I'll firing up Brave tonight and see what my exposure is for comparison.

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Kelvin Wangonya • Edited

Nice. PiHole looks really great but seems a bit advanced to set up 😅. I'll check it out though. The idea behind it is amazing. I hope I'll be able to set it up.

Does it affect the internet connection speed?

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David J Eddy

The setup is involved but not complicated. The how-to guides / videos around the 'net help towards the goal.

If anything, I get BETTER speed 'cause the page is not waiting for the advertisement assets to load.

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Niels Bom

I use Brave on my phone sometimes. I use Firefox with uBlock Origin to block ads.

I really dislike ads in general except for some sites that respectfully ask to show me ads and have good ads. Not lowest-common-denominator flashing ads :-)

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Pramod Ghuge

Currently I am using AdGuard DNS on my wifi network which blocks (almost) all ads. Will try using Brave alongwith it to check what numbers it shows.