I think this begs the question on almost everyone's minds, the fundamental question 'why'. What motivated the change. I also have a ton of respect for people who went an entire major in law, as one of my college teachers once told me, "Lawyers and Programmers have one thing in common, both need to have a good grasp on logic to use it well"


Hey Juan,

haha, as expected I always get that question. My hobby was just playing around with computers and learning how they work - before I knew it, I fell in love with the great community that prevalent, and as I learned more - it just hit the right notes and here I am πŸ˜ƒ.

Well, I guess the logic I learnt in law school is coming in handy. Now just got to find my first job in this field.


Like you I also played with computers back in the day and was fascinated by them so naturally, I ended up studying that. But you're right in that the community has become increasingly aware of the need for inclusion and being more welcoming to others.

Much success in your journey you have more to bring to the table than just "knowledge of code". :D


How have you found the getting started process? I feel like there's a TON of information available and it can be hard to find good starting places for beginners.


Hey πŸ‘‹,

I’ve been at it for coming close to 18 months and sometimes feel so stupid, but the key is to focus on the Signal, like you say there is just so much noise it’s crazy. I would advise you to master the basics, and choose a path - and try and stick to it. I have a few good resources based on what you want if that helps?


I'd love to see a list of good starting points. I was trying to compile a list of useful articles for someone that is thinking of going to school for programming and found it difficult to judge what was actually good for beginners :P

Sure thing, I have a list compiled in various locations, will put it on git hub and share the URL πŸ˜ƒ

At first glance it seems to be pretty cohesive! When I have some more time I'll try to look through and add some items!



Which is your specialty in law?

PD: Same here (Lawyer and dev) and ping me if you need anything!


I didn't specialise, did LLB and got sidetracked :)

Thank you so much.

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