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Wassim Chegham
Wassim Chegham

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I’m joining Microsoft

For the love of the open source community

Hello Friends,

This is a quick post to announce some exciting news:

I will be joining Microsoft as a Senior Cloud Developer Advocate for Azure with a focus on JavaScript, Node.js and of course Angular.

I have been super impressed by all what Microsoft has accomplished so far for the open source and Web communities. Microsoft is now arguably the open source community’s greatest contributor, becoming a deeply open source company. In fact, Microsoft has open sourced so many great projects (see the full list here), including TypeScript and VS Code which I am a huge fan of. In addition to these tools, Azure itself is being built upon open source technologies. How cool is that?

This true commitment to open source was one of the reasons why I choose to join Microsoft. The other reason why I have accepted an offer from Microsoft is that I was really happy to learn that the devRel team at Microsoft does truly care about the community and developers. This is something that is close to my heart and one of my core values, I even wrote about it lately.

So what is next?

I’ll continue working closely with the Web community, creating open source contents and tools, while helping fellow developers be more productive and successful with Azure services. As Developer Advocates, our role is to act as a bridge between Azure users and the Azure teams at Microsoft helping everyone to get the best experience of Azure.

But what about Angular…?

I have always been committed to Angular, the Angular team and the Angular community. As a reminder, here is why Angular is so important to me. By joining Microsoft, I will have more time to spend on open source, including but not limited to Angular.

And the GDE program?

As many of you know, I have joined the GDE program in 2015 to help the Angular team. I am now a GDE for 3 product teams at Google: Angular, Assistant, and GCP. I am also a community interviewer for the GDE program. I’m really enjoying being part of the program and helping all different teams. I will be more than glad to continue helping those teams as possible as I can 😉

In the meantime, please feel free to follow me on Twitter for upcoming stories and content.

Cheers ✌️

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