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Azure Static Web Apps CLI is now GA 🚀

Azure Static Web Apps CLI is now GA

What is Azure Static Web Apps?

Azure Static Web Apps is a service that's perfect for your full stack as well as static application projects. Yes, you heard that correctly. Regardless if you are dealing with:

  • A static resume site with vanilla HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • SPA application with Angular, React, Vue, etc.
  • Static site generators like Gatsby, Next, etc.

Azure Static Web Apps is there for you and enables you to deploy your files to Azure. In order words, Azure Static Web Apps if the perfect choice if you are looking for:

  • FREE Web hosting for static content like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and images.
  • Integrated API support provided by Azure Functions with the option to link an existing Azure Functions app using a standard account.
  • First-class GitHub and Azure DevOps integration where repository changes trigger builds and deployments.
  • Globally distributed static content, putting content closer to your users.
  • Free SSL certificates, which are automatically renewed.
  • Custom domains to provide branded customizations to your app.
  • Seamless security model with a reverse-proxy when calling APIs, which requires no CORS configuration.
  • Authentication provider integrations with Azure Active Directory, GitHub, and Twitter.
  • Customizable authorization role definition and assignments.
  • Back-end routing rules enabling full control over the content and routes you serve.
  • Generated staging versions powered by pull requests enabling preview versions of your site before publishing.

What is Azure Static Web Apps CLI?

It's the CLI companion for Azure Static Web Apps that you use from your local dev machine. The SWA CLI offers tons of features, such as:

  • Work on your JAMstack app locally
  • Built-in framework detection
  • Serverless support
  • Authentication & Authorization
  • Login to Azure
  • Deploy & Ship from the CLI

Check it the documentation website 👍
Have fun!

Feel free to reach out on Twitter at @manekinekko if you want to get started with Azure Static Web Apps. You can also follow my work at

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Max Hamulyák

I enjoy Azure Static WebApp quite a bit, in fact I even moved my own blog from GitHub pages to it, since you can actually customize stuff like cache response headers