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QEMU options for debugging kernel

Sec.: sections in qemu-doc(1)

Sec. Option Details
2.3.1 -smp 4 Simulate an SMP system with 4 CPUs
2.3.1 -m 256 Memory 256MiB
2.3.2 -hda netbsd.qcow2 Use netbsd.qcow2 as hard disk 0
2.3.3 -cdrom netbsd.iso Use netbsd.iso as CD-ROM image
2.3.4 -display curses Use curses display instead of VGA output; Connect QEMU monitor and q to quit
2.3.4 -display none Don't show VGA display
2.3.4 -nographic -display none + -parallel null(if -parallel not specified) + -serial mon:stdio(if -serial and -monitor not specified); undocumented, investigated by debugging QEMU
2.3.6 -netdev user,id=n1,hostfwd=tcp::10022-:22 -device e1000,netdev=n1 User mode network stack (NAT Network in VirtualBox); forwarding localhost:10022 to guest's port 22
2.3.6 -nic user,hostfwd=tcp::10022-:22 Shorthand for above; requires QEMU (>= 2.12)
2.3.11 -serial telnet::5555,server,nowait telnet localhost 5555 to get serial I/O
2.3.11 -monitor telnet::5556,server,nowait telnet localhost 5556 to connect QEMU monitor
2.3.11 -serial mon:telnet::5555,server,nowait Serves both serial and monitor via telnet localhost 5555; Ctrl-a h to see help
2.3.11 -serial mon:stdio Serves both serial and monitor on the terminal; Ctrl-a h to see help
2.3.11 -S Stop running machine until gdbserver accepts a connection
2.3.11 -gdb tcp::1234 Listen gdb connection on port 1234
2.3.11 -s Shorthand for -gdb tcp::1234
2.3.11 -enable-kvm (Linux only) Enable KVM support
2.3.11 -no-reboot reboot コマンドで再起動せずにQEMUを終了する
2.3.11 -daemonize Daemonize QEMU; Useful when QEMU runs long time since QEMU won't killed (SIGHUP'ed) on the terminal closed
2.3.11 -rtc base=utc To correct timezone

I'll add Linux-specific options (such as -kernel)

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