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@helenanders26 how do you practice sql? Do you run against an existing database? Do you standup a toy database, maybe on your laptop? Is sqlite a viable option for practice? Is there a good online service for practicing SQL?


There are lots of options around. The ones I like and use regularly are:

  • For Postgres, zchtodd's SQL challenges are ideal for going beyond the basics with some real world data.
  • For SQL Server the free download and AdventureWorks DB is great for seeing a real working DB in action.
  • For in-browser practice W3 schools has a great option.
  • For a guided course in the browser, Alan Hylands created SQLCrashCourse recently. We use Postgres DBs at my workplace so this is where I point new analysts to for some upskilling.
  • For those who have come from a different DB I point them to SQLLines who have a conversion tool for all those who need a quick way to switch syntax.
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