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Who has an website idea to build #hacktoberfest

If you are someone who likes building things with python for the web, check out a project I have been slowly building up over the past few years. Open sourced in March this year.


Markata is a plugins all the way down static site generator for python. Meaning that you can build a working site from it out of the box, and you can make it your own through configuration. You can also really make it completely customized to your needs by writing plugins to do what you need it to do.

Contribute to the project-gallery

Once you have something built, and hosted in the wild, submit it to the project-gallery. There are instructions inside issue#78.

The Blog Starter

want to see an example check out the starter

Throughout this month I have been converting some of my sites over to an official blog starter that uses all of the best features for a blog out of the box. It includes a variety of pages that are general instructions about how to configure the various plugins. These serve as great examples of how to use it, especially while the docs are a bit of a work in progress.

Don't want to host an example?

If you don't have anything that you want to host in public I would still appreciate anyone to try to make a project with it and leave feedback. If you run into any issues submit a small pr to either the project or the starter template. If you have a larger issue, please raise an issue and discuss it before putting tons of work into it.

Site Ideas

Markata is setup to build about anything you can imagine on the web that can be statically compiled and hosted. Please make something that you want for yourself. Something that is all yours, and brings you joy. If you are struggling with ideas here are a few.

What do you think?

I'd love to hear your thoughts down below. Check out the starter and tell me what you think.

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