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Will Golang ever stop using their strict GOPATH path in order to code with it

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When I started learning, being a beginner it was such a hustle to set it up, nowadays I am okay with setting up on any PC but for new beginners its not that pleases.

Is there a reason it's setup that way and not like node or python where you install and can write your script anywhere on your PC without any path related issues?

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Tobias Nickel

didn't golang introduce go modules for this reason? I thought today you don't need thePATH anymore.

Still in my opinion it is still difficult that the entire folder can be the same package. Maybe I am just more used to the node way. but it is nice, because is absolute explicit.

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Wachira Author • Edited

Yeah, it's optional. I also love the node way, simple, the only bummer is the node_modules gigabyte of packages for each node project

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Tobias Nickel

yes, the size is a problem, But over the years, I found no metter in what env or tech, we will always work on the limit.

Storage is cheap, and it is really powerful, to have the dependencies separate for an extra project.

I once meet a java developer, he was kind of joking, that for every project you should ship its own eclipse IDE. Because when the colleagues have different plugins, versions or config, a project often can not build.

When I was at university, they set us up in development windows VM in the cloud, so we will all have the same environment.

I am so glad not to do Java. 👍