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Help wanted to Enhance documentation of Web Atoms

Web Atoms




Web Atoms Core is a UI abstraction framework along with powerful MVVM pattern to design modern web and mobile applications.

Web Atoms" is an advanced MVVM framework to write cross platform applications in HTML5 and Xamarin.Forms. Unlike other frameworks, Web Atoms lets you divide User Interface logic in strict MVVM fashion and separates View in HTML5 and Xaml. Benefit of separating User interface logic in ViewModel is you can individually unit test view model to make sure your logic is consistent across platforms.

Also everything is transpiled into JavaScript, your View Model and Services remain in JavaScript and in browser it works flawlessly.

In Xamarin.Forms, Web Atoms package written C# helps you easily host JavaScript modules inside an application and entire User Interface is hosed via JavaScript.

Contributors Wanted

The project is stable and in production use. Xamarin.Forms bits are in beta but almost ready for lightweight application.

I need some help in enhancement in documentation and writing some samples on it.

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