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List of Github cli commands

Github cli commands

A list of Github cli commands

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Alt Github cli


Description Command
Initialize a Github repository [default private] gh repo create <name>
Initialize a Github public repository gh repo create <name> --public
Create a local copy of a remote repository gh repo clone <repository-name> or
gh repo clone<username>/<repository-name>
Create a fork for the current repository gh repo fork

Pull requests

Description Command
Check status gh pr status
Create a pull request gh pr create
Quickly navigate to the pull request creation page gh pr create --web
list of open pull requests gh pr list
View a pull request gh pr view


Description Command
Create a new issue gh issue create
Create an issue using flags gh issue create --title "Issue title"
list of open issues gh issue list
list of closed issues gh issue list --state closed
Show status of relevant issues gh issue status
View an issue gh issue view {<number> / <url>}


Top comments (4)

sankalpkotewar profile image
Sankalp Kotewar

No provision to commit and push code?

cladius profile image
Cladius Fernando

commit and push are handle vit the "git" commands. Note the subtle difference. Github (gh) is for Github level activities. Git (git) is for a specific-repo level activities.

sankalpkotewar profile image
Sankalp Kotewar

Hmm makes sense!

aakashcode12 profile image
Aakash Yadav

Thanks man