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Looking for developers

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I'm looking for people to contribute to open-source project Dulang programming language.
It's written in C-99 so low-level developers (and documentation writers) mostly wanted.
Please contact me on:
Twitter: @web_develop_
VK: @deemazs

Or write comments here. I rely on your activity

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Good question!

There is quite a bit of assembler though...

Unfortunately there is nothing that explains what any of this actually is! (Not even in the initial commit)

Nor does it state what license it's under (that I could see anyway). So at the moment I can't even be sure it is open source...

Dmitry, if you are looking for developers to help you with this project, this is really not how to go about it.


Thank you for your feedback anyway. Asm that can be seen there is gcc generated and used in internal compiler only. We dont write in assembly (now). Code has not undergone any license as it is quite small and not wellspread. Henceforth I will update my project, please tell me, if I missed something else

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