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THAT'S why is a brilliant platform

Hey there!

I've only been on for about 2 weeks now, but I'd like to get rid of it here, why I think this platform is simply brilliant!

1. It's free

Everyone has the opportunity to share their knowledge with the world for free. Of course, you can also create your own website. But here you have an audience that reads the articles and you address the right target group.

2. It's mega easy

The platform is very simple and clearly structured. I am a huge fan of good UIs and this site is a perfect example.

3. The community

The community is large and tries to find solutions for the problems of the users together. There is an open ear for everyone. This is not self-evident. Everyone respects everyone. That's great!

4. Own blogs

"Advertising" is prohibited on most platforms. But here it is even desirable to share posts you have published on your own blog. The ability to extend your reach is an incredible privilege.!

THANKS for creating this platform!

What Do you think? Let's discuss in the comments below! :)

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Prahlad Yeri • Edited

You forgot the biggest advantage which is more humane behavior and zero tolerance for abuse! There are many other communities who try to solve programming problems like StackOverflow, /r/Programming, HN, Facebook & linkedin groups, etc. What separates from most others is zero tolerance for abusive behavior.

Many of those other forums have code of conducts too but moderation seem to be lacking, there is a plethora of abusive, demeaning and even passive aggressive behavior there.

On, such behavior doesn't exist at all. Either the moderation seems to be efficient or maybe that kind of audience doesn't come here at all. Either way, its a very good thing to happen!

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That's absolutely correct! There are no reasons to be aggressive when it comes to helping other people.

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Prahlad Yeri

There are no reasons to be aggressive at all towards another fellow human. There are some programmers and technologists who think they are elite in comparison to the less informed plebeians which in turn gives rise to pride and arrogance.

Arrogance needs to be countered with love and compassion, not by showing counter-arrogance to them. Platforms like is the exact antidote to this problem.

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Jess Lee