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How to alias git commands?

webeleon profile image Julien Prugne ・1 min read

If you are familiar with git, you should know about the git pull command.

If you speak French, you know it's pronounce the same as chicken (poule)

And if you have a sense of humour as lame as mine, you need to alias the command git pull as git poule

git config --global alias.poule pull
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Now it's your turn, what will you do?

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In the same tone, you have Marcel, which is the Docker CLI, but translated with french options instead.

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Christian Baer

Here's a time saver:
git config --global alias.pill pull

Also in my .bashrc:
alias gut=git

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marcin93 • Edited

Good to know, thank you for this tip. :) Without global flag can we define alias for project only?

Btw. I really like short and pithy posts like this.

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Julien Prugne Author

Just tested without the --global flag and yes it can be aliased locally.

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