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Dynamic Pages - Webiny version 5

In this highlight YouTube video, I'll explain how we plan to implement dynamic data into pages, the ones you build using our Page Builder Editor. The demo will show how we managed to load the data from our Headless CMS via a GraphQL Data Source, using the page URL as a source of the variable input.

Dynamic Pages - Webiny version 5 (stay tuned)

This unlocks new and endless possibilities! Watch the video if you're interested in connecting your Page Builder to Headless CMS data, or even external APIs.

Let us know if you have any questions or maybe some features that you'd like to see once this is released! 🚀

Note: this video is a highlight of the original video which you can access in our slack community the original video is ~11 minutes longs, so grab a ☕️.

Join us in this journey in our slack community, you'll get more insights into the development process ⚡️🥁

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