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Serverless Headless CMS by Webiny (Open-Source)

So why you need another Headless CMS? For a change, with this one you won't worry about scaling, installing, configuring and managing infrastructure. On top of it, Webiny cuts your cloud hosting bill by anywhere between 60% and 80%! You will stop paying for resources you do not use. Now, who doesn't want all that?!

It's the first Headless CMS which runs on top of AWS serverless infrastructure. It's open-source and you host it on your own AWS cloud. You can use your favourite frontend development library, like GatsbyJs, Next.js and others to build your sites.

Webiny is live on Product Hunt and would appreciate if you would show us your support. That's what keeps us going!

What's the back story?

When we launched Webiny Page Builder over a year ago we took the early bet on serverless. Our vision is that serverless is the future of web development. To get to that world, we open-sourced Webiny in October of 2019 and saw amazing feedback from our community. Our project is now on over 2000 stars on Github. That would not be possible without all the amazing contributors and the community.

Now in 2020 we decided to launch our flag-ship product, Webiny Serverless Headless CMS. And like all other Webiny products, it's 100% free and open-source. You host it on your own AWS cloud (support for other clouds is coming at a later stage).

Some of its features:
✅ Powerful content modelling UI
✅ GraphQL API
✅ Multi-language support
✅ 100% Javascript
✅ Microservices architecture
✅ Support for multiple environments and aliases
... and much more. For a full set of features check out the product landing page

How do we differ from Strapi: Strapi runs on the "traditional" infrastructure, such as virtual machines and similar. That infrastructure is hard to maintain and scale without hiring a big team of expert engineers. Since Webiny runs on serverless infrastructure such as AWS Lambda, it can scale to handle millions of requests out of the box. No need for any performance, devops or network engineers. The other beautiful thing is that with serverless you pay per request. No need to heavily over-provision your infrastructure ahead of peak demand events, such as Black Friday and similar. Stop paying for stuff you don't use*.

How do we differ from Contentful and GraphCMS: Webiny is open-source and you host it yourself. This means you own and have full control over your data. On top of that, you can build custom apps and change any part of the system. Unlike Contentful or GraphCMS where they are a black-box SaaS product which you can't modify.

How do we differ from Netlify CMS: Netlify CMS is a great solution but it lacks many of the features you'll find in Webiny. Netlify CMS caters for more simple sites. For example, a feature like content modeling is done code and configuration files. There is no multi-language support, no environments and aliases. Managing users and permissions is very rudimentary.

Show us some love ❤️

I hope you give Webiny a try. Let me know what you think of it. The whole team really put a lot of effort into building it.

The team would really appreciate if you would show us your support by either contributing or starring(★) our repository. This is what keeps us going!

Please tweet and share this news if you liked what we had to share.

Top comments (9)

byrro profile image
Renato Byrro • Edited

Congrats, Sven! Very exciting!

Would you mind elaborating a bit on the SEO capabilities of Webiny (either currently available or in the pipeline)? I noticed the server-side rendering and speed advantages.

I ask because traditional CMS like Wordpress or modern static site generators like Hugo are extensively optimized for good SEO (not to mention plugins to optimize even further), which is a big plus, especially for non-marketing publishers.

svenalhamad profile image
Sven A

Hey Renato,

if you use Webiny Headless CMS, then the SEO depends on the library you use for your frontend site. You can use Hugo or Gatsby or any other site generator with our system and they will take care of the SEO for you.

When it comes to Webiny Page Builder, which is our drag&drop site creator, it also has SEO optimizations built-in. From standard SEO tags, to open graph for social sites. As well as things SSR, which ensure your site is super fast and that crawlers, like google boot, can access and read your content.

Hope this answers your question.

byrro profile image
Renato Byrro

It does, thanks Sven! Great to see you're moving fast, looking forward to what's coming next!

rorycawley profile image
Rory Cawley

Very exciting! Could webiny be a good match with Next.js incremental ssg for an e-commerce site?

albicodes profile image

Hi Rory, we are working on a tutorial for a simple e-commerce site build up with Webiny Headless CMS, GraphQL, Next.js for the frontend, and Stripe! I Will let you know once it's published!

mvhoute profile image
Martin van Houte

Does it only run on AWS?

endymion1818 profile image
Ben Read

It uses the Serverless framework so it can potentially run on different providers ... though I don’t think they actively support any others currently.

fillipvt profile image

Impressive work! Wondering if this could work with FaunaDB instead of mongo? Any thoughts on that? Thanks

albicodes profile image

Hi Fillip, currently we are working on Webiny version 5 - You can go through our roadmap here for an insight into the new features!

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