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Introducing Web3 Community

We are launching a new global open source community called Web3 Community that will be focus on Web3, Blockchain, and somewhat related to decentralized applications (Dapp). Here you will learn how to become a blockchain developer while having fun with the community members. Blockchain Developer is an interesting field, in demand and the latest trend in the tech industry.

Everyone can join in the community, even you are just an enthusiast that is just interested in becoming Blockchain Developer. Here at web3community, you do not need a college degree for the requirements! Because skills are the primary requirement you need for applying for a job and we know that as well ^_^

There are many Dapp creators who are in need of help with their projects. As this community grows, people can also find a candidate in the community to help them in their projects.

How to get a Blockchain Developer job?

Build decentralized applications (Dapp) for your personal project, host them on GitHub and contribute to open-source software. That way, the employer will like your skills because you have good open-source contributions.

Follow this guide:

  • Build your own unique GitHub profile
  • Put your personal projects on your Personal website
  • Build your resume
  • Use your real name, same username, and same profile picture
  • Apply

Personal Branding will help you to stand out and get your dream job. Don't worry if you are new, it is not too late to get started and learn this field.

How can I get skills?

We have gathered content about Blockchain Developer paths and shared it with our repository to get you started. It is best to self-study, ask questions and collaborate with other people's projects in the community to boost your learning process.

These blogs may help or inspire you to get started

Who are behind this community?

The community was founded by Vincent Villafuerte and co-founded by Shubham Kukreti and Ritvik Shukla. You can see the other team members who are helping us on our project at GitHub organization.

The community name was inspired by Web 3.0

Why you should join this community?

We believe that interaction with people is very important for anyone's personal growth. Here you will get to interact with some great folks and learn blockchain technology together. This community is in its initial stage so you can show your leadership skills and help for everyone's success. And lastly, the community is powered by Dev Protocol.


Join our growing community and contribute to our open source projects

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Sam Roy

I think this is a great initiative. I'll certainly join, curious about what are the possibilities of décentralisation, and perhaps bring my mixed knowledge.

efleurine profile image

I am on. I am looking forward to better understand blockchain development

ganwani_kamal profile image
kamal ganwani

great article

Sloan, the sloth mascot
Comment deleted
vinzvinci profile image
Vincent Villafuerte

Hi folks, we rebranded to WebX DAO. Blog will coming soon.

Here is the link of our GitHub org.: