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Web 3 Community - Hacktoberfest 2021

Hacktoberfest starts today. This year Web3Community is excited to take part in the fest for the first time.

An excellent opportunity for everyone to learn more about the open-source environment, meet active contributors and win a t-shirt or have a tree planted in your name!

What is Hacktober?

Hacktoberfest is a month-long celebration of open source software run by DigitalOcean. Hacktoberfest is open to everyone in our global community!. You can sign up anytime between October 1 and October 31.

Making four or more contributions between October 1-31 will allow you to get a memorable t-shirt as a token of appreciation, or you can choose to have a tree planted in your name and help make Hacktoberfest 2021 more carbon neutral.

You can follow this guide for rules.

Why contribute to Web3Community?

Web3Community is an Open Source Community that focuses on decentralized applications, web 3, and blockchain technologies ✨

Here you will get to interact with some awesome folks. 🤓
No one is expert, we all are learning, you can join us and Learn blockchain tech together, develop some great Open Source Projects.

Every single contribution matters.

How can I contribute?

  • Create an issue first before creating a Pull request.
  • Fork the Repository and create a Branch for any Issue that you are working upon.
  • Create a Pull Request which will be promptly reviewed and suggestions would be added to improve it.
  • Add Screenshots to help us know what changes you have done.
  • Once you receive the approval from the team, the contribution is ready to be merged and taken into account for the overall Hacktoberfest activity.

For help you can join our Discord

Happy hacking!

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Arun K C

Thanks for sharing 🙌