The longest time you have spent with active coding

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What was the longest period of time you have spent with active coding so far?

For me, it was around 13 hours. It wasn't because of job, or deadline or anything, I just simply spent pretty much the whole day with coding. One day I woke up around 6 am, started coding at 7 am, and I didn't stop until 8 pm. I just felt like doing it, I had so many ideas I wanted to accomplish, and I had nothing else to do the whole day, so I had no reason to stop. Of course I took a few breaks, for example to eat, but they weren't longer than 15 minutes. I have done this a few times actually.

And actually I didn't feel bored or tired of it at all, I enjoyed doing it.

How about you?

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I had a coding session on a project together with the best programmer I ever worked with a few years back. It lasted for 22 hours, followed by food, shower and sleep before we went for another day (which ended at a civil time, though)


Wow, that's a long time indeed 😯 How did you feel around the end, like after 20 hours?


Actually on that day it wasn't that bad. We were motivated and in the zone. However, at the end of day two I hit a point when I just didn't function anymore. And if I remember correctly (it's been a few years), it took me days to recover.

Edit: needless to say, this was due to a special opportunity I had. Such bursts do nothing for your overall productivity.


Reading this just makes me think your back must be wrecked.
Or if you're too young to have a wrecked back it's on the way :)


Actually my back is completely fine, and it will be I'm sure. It never hurts or anything after a long time of coding.

I'm an athletic person, I workout often, and sit in a good, healthy posture 😀

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