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Does Fullstack developer experience count?

I can provide more context in EDIT if requested.


I am currently working as a Fullstack developer in United States. I love JavaScript and creative development (interactive content, web applications), and my current stack is Laravel Php + Vue.js.

I am 19 years old, been to college for 3 quarters. Dropped out after got a pretty good job for my age and experience.

I want to have a successful career as a Software Engineer. Going up to a salary that could sustain a household of multiple kids on a single paycheck. Aka around $110k+ a year in WA.


Question is: Does fullstack developer experience count as valid Software Engineer experience that can help me in getting a higher-paying job with the years of experience that I am getting.

And if it doesn't, should I drop the job after a major project is complete, and get a loan, a degree, and then get a Software Engineer and build a career from somewhat of a clear sheet?

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