I created a fullstack app for pet adoptions, ask me anything, give me more ideas and feedback.

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I created a fully open source animal adoption application. I used react-native and apollo for the app and graphql, nodejs and mongodb for the backend. See the readme for more informations about tech stack.

Check this repo: https://github.com/wendelfreitas/animavita

Give me feedback, ask me anything, teach me what you know.

Obs: If I posted this in the wrong place, please let me know.

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This looks awesome, love the mission behind it! I'd love to contribute to a web app version if you ever get to that. Let me know if you do, I'd love the help!



It would be amazing =) the only web application idea I had was a landing page using gatsby to present the application. We can talk more about it if it interests you.


Yeah, I figure we could do a landing page, as well as a web version that accesses the same API data to display the pets and allow users to sign in. I think that would be really cool!

p.s How do you DM someone on here?


First of all, congratulations, that's a really nice way to improve tech while doing something great to the world :P

Where did you find those empty state images?

What were your biggest issues?


I found the images on pinterest, as the first version is for study purposes only I will not have problems with the authors, in the application launch I will have to validate this.

My biggest difficulties were keeping me motivated, as I only had time to develop in the early hours of the weekend, I had problems starting with the technologies as they escape a little from my old comfort zone =)


Bacana! Great idea.

ROADMAP.md returns 404 :)

Easier to ask: do you gather adoption offers from FB?



The idea is to create deep linking so that people who share adoptions right from the app on facebook. Clicking redirects to that animal's detail screen


Hello sir, i am new in react native development, could you help me on how to create and update restaurant cart please


Hello =)

of course, what are your doubts?

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