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Top Five Predictions Of Cloud Computing For 2019

At present, the companies are swiftly moving their legacy IT infrastructure and applications to Cloud Technology. Hence it is apparent that the cloud computing industry has come a long way in the recent times.

Cloud Computing technology is not only reliable for store sensitive data but it also offers business solutions to all kinds of problems across the section of industries. Knowing the benefits of Cloud computing technology companies are enhancing their IT infrastructure and working on Business Automation processes to ensure there is a high availability of their applications across the globe.

With growing demand for cloud technology there are some key predictions made for Cloud Computing for the years 2019:

Cloud Categories will be on the rise

There are different types of cloud computing technology existing in the market. Hybrid, public and private types of cloud technology which are also known as multi-cloud are being used by the companies based on their requirement. For instance, users use cloud computing in different versions some use the traditional systems in combination with the public cloud, some use the hybrid form of clouds; the virtualized sets of servers usually use the private clouds.

Due to the different versions of cloud computing in use the names are often misapplied.

Non-US cloud providers will be more in Demand

Apart from the existing US players, there are other new players in the market that are coming up with cloud technologies; one such name is Alibaba. As these new providers enter into the market the other global players and the US government will certainly make an attempt check there lead; however the small to medium size US business will try to look up at these upcoming providers considering their low costs.

Increasing Scarcity of skills in cloud technologies

Though the cloud computing technology is of great help there is a great shortage of skilled people to implement these technologies. Due to frequent change in technologies and in the presence of ample options available it gets tough to find the right set of people having the required skill sets. The solution will be the ability to learn things quickly. The companies also instead of looking out for external talent can focus on retraining its existing pool of resources. This will help in bridging the skill gaps.

Rapid migration public cloud

Most likely the organizations will be adopting a public-cloud-first strategy. Some companies still bank upon the on-premises solutions as their trajectory to the public cloud. While others believe this to be their endgame. However, the speed of innovation in the field of public cloud technology will overtake these on-premises solutions. Due to this lag, the companies will be forced to embrace the public cloud.

Cloud Security will be needed to strengthen

It is speculated that there can be some breach of the securities of the cloud infrastructure. Cyber attackers will bounce back with more complicated techniques, so to combat these risks the security analysts in both government and private sectors will have to revamp their ways to detect and deal with such attacks at the right time. The Business process will realize the need to invest in SIEM tools for better cybersecurity.

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