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I am still in disbelief that EuroPython came to Dublin! Ok, they were meant to be here in 2020, thanks to covid in 2020 and again in 2021, it was pushed to 2022.

With a sigh of relief, people were assured that this year was the year it's going to happen, back to EuroPython in-person conference... and it's going to be right here... in Dublin! πŸ₯°

yay - emily dickinson dancing

Many months in the planning, a whole bunch of meetings from before Xmas 2021, it was coming to fruition. As one of the main Irish-based organisers, ideas I proposed were accepted and it was really going to happen!

Will people sign up to the events I looked after? Will I be able to organise, host/facilitate these events successfully? With the tremendous support of Raquel, VB, Nicholas (to name but a few), rooms were booked, layouts were confirmed with the venue, tea/coffees & light lunches were all arranged. All I need to do is bring people to these events.

And I was asked to give a "quick" opening to the conference... waaat! The auditorium, that same one I sat in during the Hugo Awards at WorldCon 2019, and now I'm on that exact same stage as all those literary greats and in front of all the Pythonistas peers, that was super daunting.

wut - emily dickinson

But I think it went well, I don't want to listen to it though, I hate re-watching myself...
That's me on stage giving the open speech on 1st day of EuroPython


...but I can say, I nearly teared up when I mentioned the late John Pinner, whom without doubt, the most thoughtful person and who would help you when asked. We all miss you, John.

Now for the other events and activities I was involved in (there were plenty more other amazing ones, but I'll only mention my ones while memories are still fresh in my head albeit slowly getting fuzzier):

  • Django Girls Workshop - there was a lot of initial chasing down with global team to get approval to run our in-person event as they were only approving virtual events due to covid. When that was done, it was down to trying to attract people to come to the workshop. We ended up 20 applicants and 16 RSVP'd and 5 coaches with a special guest coach, Nicholas Tollervey.

    Django Girls Workshop

  • PyLadies Lunch - This one was normally very adhoc or we arrange with the restaurant and block book an area and tell people and they show up.

    Lynn Root was our guest of honour speaker after I welcomed everyone to the PyLadies Lunch.
    Vicky welcoming PyLadies Lunch guests and Lynn Root as impromptu guest speaker


    We aimed to have 50 people and all the seats were filled up with PyLadies organisers, members and friends all sharing and connecting. It was awesome!
    PyLadies Lunch


    We asked folks to come back up for a group photo and a chance to win Fluent Python book donated by Luciano Ramalho.
    Some PyLadies who came back for group photo later in the day


    People were asked to say a number, and Laysa used an app to pick a number and Lynn won! That worked so well, I will have to remember that next time.
    Lynn Root wins Fluent Python

  • MakerFest was an excitable idea that I submitted early on in the brainstorming organising days, and it was also approved, and Nicholas Tollervey was really, really helpful bringing his expertise, his joy and support when things got closer to the event and it felt we had so much to do!

    Nicholas Tollervey


    BTW, he published a really nice write-up and a link to his talk, well worth a watch, and prepare some tissues. This talk actually was so touching, I was a crying mess in the end. It really touched some issues I have experienced also.

    Anyhoo... my aim to bring local Makers didn't really work out as intended but it was interesting to see how the guests interest were and from our Makers including MakerMeet, Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam, micro:bit

    And Radomir Dopieralski creator of Pew Pew who was running adhoc workshops (this was brill as not everyone attended his workshop earlier that week)
    Radomir Dopieralski adhoc workshop at MakerFest


    Pew Pew at MakerFest]


    What's more, Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam had a challenge to see if folks can get the fastest time by programming a robot to solve the cardboard maze.
    Robot Maze competition


    MakerFest: Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam Robot Maze winner


Education Panel

Education panel at EuroPython



Description: Teaching Python: a panel discussion with perspectives from teachers, academics, makers and enthusiasts. Why is Python appealing in education? What tools and resources work well? What can the Python community do to help teachers & policy makers? Join us for an engaging and insightful discussion with a fascinating panel of experts, Roisin Flaherty, Sarah Jane Carey, Chris Reina, Kelly Schuster-Paredes with moderator AimΓ©e Fagan.

It was a great panel and will re-watch it when the edited videos come out in the coming month or so.

πŸ₯° Thanks to Nicholas Tollervey and AimΓ©e for help bringing this panel together.

Diversity & Inclusion in the Python Community Panel

And the Diversity and Inclusion in the Python community panel.

Description: Come meet some of the folks working on Diversity and Inclusion in the global Python Community! Join the live panel discussion to hear about the challenges and the work they do.

With Marlene Mhangami, Nabanita Roy, Iqbal Abdullah, Tereza Iofciu. Chaired by Naomi Ceder.

I was session chairing this one and was nervous about time-keeping, so another one to re-watch anyway, all the awesome cool folks from PSF as well as Nabanita from Women in AI Ireland sharing their thoughts and experiences about diversity and inclusion in the tech community.

πŸ₯° Mega thanks to VB, Lynn Root, Iqbal, Tereza, Marlene (I think I am missing some more folks here) who helped me with looking for moderator - and special thanks to Naomi Ceder for stepping in as moderator so last minute.

Speaking of PSF... I also had my PSF hat on, I left official Python and PyLadies stickers at the table and was only briefly only able to sit at it as I was running around like a headless zombified chicken.

I also got asked to do a quick interview with the ever support Brightwater who sponsored PyCon Ireland from day 1. Here's one of them they tweeted out:

There was a social event as well on Wed night, I'm glad the international guests enjoyed it, and taking part as well! The musicians and dancers (The Full Shilling) were very good, and you can find Claire (banjo player) at Johnnie Fox's Pub up in the Wicklow mountains.

If the embed doesn't work, go to and turn on the sound.

ℹ️ β€œThe Full Shilling" is a new and exciting collective of musicians from Dublin, Ireland. Their lively set consists of a mix of Irish songs and dances and are guaranteed to get the toes tapping!

For this Thursday's gig we are joined by three wonderful musicians, Eoghan Scott (guitar/vocals), Sarah-May Rogers (vocals/fiddle), Claire Sherry (banjo). They will also have a special guest appearance of two world famous dancers, Jean Kennedy and Ciaran McManus who have just returned from a tour with Lord of the Dance! Come along and enjoy the craic!

The team really worked hard with as many people's input to make it as inclusive as possible, even restrooms and people did notice it, which was fantastic.

πŸ’– Thank you, EuroPython and the organisers, especially a big shout out to Raquel. You did a stellar job herding us all to a successful conference. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

(If the embed above doesn't work, watch it here with sound turned on 😊

😍 And I will end it with this very special tweet. This is my dream come true. An Irish born Chinese who loves Python and the community who welcomed me with open arms back in 2004/5 and now in 2022 I am standing shoulder to shoulder with these amazing Chinese Pythonistas. 🀩

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Andy Piper

The event was great, and I’m overdue my own write-up. I really enjoyed it and I’m grateful to the organisers and volunteers who made it such an inclusive, welcoming and enjoyable few days in Dublin. Nicholas’ talk was very good - looking forward to the individual videos being released. Thanks for writing about some of the things I missed!

whykay profile image
whykay πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸˆπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ (she/her)

Thanks, I'll pass on your kind words to the team. Will pass on your write-up when it's up.

whykay profile image
whykay πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’»πŸˆπŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆ (she/her) • Edited

Fun fact: I am a big fan of Nicholas ever since I saw his keynote at EuroPython in Bilbao in 2016... and I am still rubbing my eyes with wonder that I worked with him on this mega idea like #MakerFest @ EuroPython (which he came up with as I'm not a great wordsmith). Check out his talk from Bilbao: