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MESG testnet using Cosmos & Tendermint

The MESG Foundation is building a blockchain of executions powered by the community's sharable microservices and processes. They're using Cosmos & Tendermint to build the network(s), and just released a new testnet.

New testnet

The new testnet was published on January 15th, 2020. It uses four validators spread around the world.

One validator is located in San Francisco, another is in Singapore, the third is in Frankfurt and the final validator is in Toronto. Four was chosen because it is the number of validators needed to tolerate a situation in which a single validator stops, or acts maliciously, without affecting the blockchain.

The goal of this testnet is to learn how the blockchain behaves under real-world conditions. We haven’t stress-tested the network yet, but this will come in the following weeks, so stay tuned :)


Feel free to check out the network Explorer here.

We also connected Grafana to the testnet for additional monitoring. The monitoring tool can be found here.

For additional information on the testnet, head over to, or to start your Engine on the testnet, execute the following command:

mesg-cli daemon:start --network mesg-testnet-01 --path $HOME/.mesg-testnet-01

What's next?

Next, we will be working on updating the Engine to a classic Cosmos-SDK architecture, which will allow us to reuse the existing tools in the Cosmos ecosystem, while also allowing us to share the tools we create with the other parts of the Cosmos ecosystem. Here are some of our recent contributions.

Also, we will be working on enabling the Engine to run in specific roles, such as orchestrator, service manager, or blockchain validator-only configurations. The goal of this is to reduce the computational requirements of individual Engines, thus allowing more users to run their own Engine.

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