Open source framework for building cutting-edge applications quickly

williamzmorgan_56 profile image Will Morgan ・1 min read

Hey everyone!

I hope you're staying well out there.

With all this extra time on our hands, seems to be a great time to build new projects. So, if you're looking to bring ideas to life quickly, and cost-effectively, give the MESG Framework a look.

It's an open source framework for for building applications. The goal is to let you focus on your app’s business logic and forget about component integration and infrastructure management.

It's also backed by a blockchain, so the apps you build super-secure, feature-rich applications from beginning to end with just a few lines of code.

Any apps you build are owned by you, and you can receive royalties when others use your components. Plus you can keep your app on the MESG network, or choose to run it on your own local machine or network.

Also, it's quite easy to learn, so in just a few minutes you can reuse and recycle components and put together applications using impressive tech.



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