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Easily scale applications without giving up control & ownership

Scaling really sucks

Scaling applications can be hassle & cost to those building applications and starting businesses.

There's always the option to invest in your own servers, or purchase usage of remote servers like Digital Ocean, but these usually require significant costs just to get started. Plus, how do you even know if a new project will take off and find a user base to justify the costs?

Avoiding these upfront costs so that entrepreneur-developers can build more projects, quicker and easier is the reason products like Firebase exist. And they do solve this problem, but unfortunately that comes at the cost of revoking certain elements of control and ownership over your applications.

Some would say that centralized products like Firebase are required to solve the scalability issue, but I beg to differ.

Decentralization to the rescue?

Enter modular development frameworks that are able to be decentralized using blockchain tech. Frameworks like this, such as the MESG Framework, keep the ownership of applications and components in the developers' hands (secured via blockchain), while only paying per application execution.

With this particular framework, you can run application locally, in your own distributed network, or on a public distributed network where you can outsource processing at a per-execution rate. It's all in your hands.

So, not only can you save by only paying for what you use, but also you can also make money by sharing customizable components like services and processes. And a blockchain ensuring payments go directly to the creator.

There are new players in town, utilizing many different technologies to bring a better development and business building experience. And I'm all on board for that.

You can play around with the open-source MESG Framework right here.

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