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Microsoft Ignite Now Open for Registration!

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Good day devs!

Join us at Microsoft Ignite with 48 hours of continuous content and live Q&A – all free!

Microsoft Ignite

Microsoft Ignite is coming directly to you this year. Over 48 hours, you will be immersed in topics with Microsoft leaders, hear from your tech heroes in the digital breakout sessions with live Q&A, technical workshops, 1:1 consultations, and so much more.

Learn new ways to use the cloud, dive into the new technologies, explore innovative development techniques, discover new ways to secure and manage your infrastructure, and more.

Connect with experts who build and support the Microsoft technologies you’re using and evaluating. Join discussions with others in the community to talk thru real-world experiences and shared interests.

Explore the latest in cloud, productivity, collaboration, security, and application development.

Make sure you are registered to gain full access to all sessions, the Connection Zone and Learning Zone activities where you will have the opportunity to connect with peers and experts. Registration is easy and free. Join the conversation on Microsoft Ignite social to keep up-to-date on all event details.


For full details of schedule and topics, register here.

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