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Starting HarvardX CS50 Web Course on EdX

Hello Dev world! Will be starting a second series in parallel to my portfolio series.

Background on taking the course now🕛:

The main reason is because I noticed my self-help learning of web technology is not structure enough. I am able to patch things up together and do a decent job out of it thanks to my background in programming, but I always got this lingering feeling of something amiss.

Aside from that, occasionally I found myself diving deeper and spend too much time researching rather than actually working on a project. By enrolling in a structured course I can also learn to balance this aspect as well.

This series will focus👓 on:

  • Notes taken and take away for lectures
  • Writing of the projects for every assignments

The goals🥅 of this series:

  1. More motivation to go through the entire course.
  2. Able access notes from laptop and mobile. This is the easiest transition as I already have the habit of taking notes in markdown.
  3. Promote this free and highly rated course to the dev world.

    2/3 of the person enrolled in the CS50 introduction to CS course starts with zero programming knowledge.
    One of the person is my wife which found the course interesting and engaging. She serves as my inspiration to share more to the world.

  4. As I believe the structure and learning of the course will be good, hopefully my notes and take away can help others when finding help on those topics as well.

With all that said, I am started on the first lecture. Next up, first lecture - HTML & CSS!

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