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5 JavaScript conferences to attend before the end of 2019

remojansen profile image Remo H. Jansen ・3 min read

Now that many of us have finished our holidays and we are back in work we have started to plan how to stay up to date and up-skill for the rest of the year. Here are 5 conferences to attend before the end of 2019!

JSConf US (US, August)

JSConf US has pushed the JavaScript outside of its comfort zone, the web browser, and into the forefront of servers, drones, robots, and video games.

The "Choose Your Own Adventure" day is what sets JSConf US apart from other conferences. It provides you with an extraordinary opportunity to socialize with the brightest minds in our community in a new and different environment. JSConf US has IoT workshops like NodeBots and NodeBoats for those that want to learn how to program the physical world and Surfing lessons or a trip to the San Diego Zoo Safari Park for those that want to step away from the computer and go outside!

Early bird tickets start at 850 USD. You can learn more about this event and get your tickets at https://2019.jsconf.us/.

JSDayIE (Ireland, September)

JSDayIE 2019 is a 1-day single-track tech conference dedicated to the JavaScript community in Ireland featuring over 450 attendees and some of the best JavaScript professionals and organizations in Ireland.

JSDayIE is the first JavaScript conference in Ireland and will take place in 2019, on September 20th at The Round Room at the Mansion House in Dawson Street, Dublin.

The Dev.to community members can access a 15% discount here.

Early bird tickets start at 116 EUR. You can learn more about this event and get your tickets at https://www.jsday.org/.

TsConf (US, October)

The first conference ever focused completely on TypeScript! Beyond the typical introduction to TypeScript talk, at TsConf you will spend the day discussing best practices and advanced features of the language, including information from key members of the TypeScript team. All in an informal and fun environment!

Last year’s TSconf speaker line-up rocked. Introductory topics take a backseat at this conference where we put expert JavaScript engineers at the wheel to steer us deep into the land of TypeScript.

Early bird tickets start at 350 USD. You can learn more about this event and get your tickets at https://tsconf.io/.

NodeConf EU (Ireland, November)

NodeConf EU is the key Node.js event in Europe, providing a forum for the Node.js community, the conference has become legendary in the Node community for all the right reasons. Over the course of a few days each year, some of the key people in Node join together in Ireland at the conference to celebrate Node. It's a place where you will find some of the best speakers and experts on the subject of Node, Discussions about collaboration, and about becoming contributors to the Node product.

Early bird tickets start at 799 EUR. You can learn more about this event and get your tickets at https://www.nodeconf.eu/.

DotJS (Paris, December)

DotJS is coming back in 2019 and for the first time, it will be a 2-day conference!

Day 1 will be all about Frontend development (UI frameworks, browsers, ...). Day 2 will be about Backend development and JavaScript as a language (Node.js, ES2019, compilers, ...).

DotJS 2019 will continue inviting the best and brightest hackers in the community to explore new horizons. You can expect a few surprises & more than 1400 new friends to make!

Early bird tickets start at 499 EUR. You can learn more about this event and get your tickets at https://www.dotjs.io/.

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