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Career in Programming and Music: What have I learned from all this? πŸ‘©πŸ½β€πŸ’»πŸŽ»

Hi guys ʕ‒́α΄₯‒̀ʔっ
This is a slightly different article, it will not be a tutorial, without anything so technical, I will tell a little about my story more related to career and how music influenced me in all this.
I will cover some topics such as: Impostor Syndrome, Persistence, Resilience and how all this makes me who I am today!

If you identify yourself, or if so as I went through a trajectory and a story before entering the world of development, or for you who is at the beginning also comes along and good reading!

The Violin

Like any dreamy girl always wanted to reach people, I didn't know how or when, but there was like this my personal goal

I came from a simple family, we never had all the money in the world, but my father always struggled to provide us with the best, so my parents always wanted me to be an influential person in the career in music (classical music), because my father followed this branch as second "job", and my mother deposited this dream in me. I accepted, didn't have enough resources and money, but I accepted..

In search of violin schools, my mother found a program of the government of SΓ£o Paulo called Guri Santa Marcelina, in which has a whole trajectory of music, where I would do two years of musical initiation and after that would choose the instrument that I would study for the rest of the years.

So I choose Violion, for milion reason, between them the complexity.

And there goes an 8-year-old girl start dreaming her story in music
Alice no paΓ­s das maravilhas

Study Routine

A 10 year old child having a study routine is complicated, but for a year I was totally excited to see my progress with an instrument, that at any age happens to people, the excitement of learning cheers us up. I studied five days a week, 3 hours a day, scales, symphonies from Beethoven, Mozart etc ... I loved classical music

Me child without the violin

. . .

In programming it was always the same thing, I started my career at the age of 18, influenced by my father, I always paid for my own studies and what always encouraged me was to learn..

Impostor Syndrome

I was 13 and still taking classes, when I was invited to audition for the SΓ£o Paulo Orchestra (OSESP), there I would have a fixed violinist place, and guess what, I didn't go.

I felt that a 13 year old girl should not be in an orchestra, that I was too young to have responsibilities, that I would be humiliated ... And since then I have been practicing the violin less and less.
What I really miss, the chill in the belly to touch in front of people..

But what does a career as a developer have to do?

We are driven by new things, new results, and we always give up when we think that it no longer serves us, I was like that.

  • Resilience: resilience is a person's ability to deal with their own problems, overcome obstacles and not give in to pressure, whatever the situation.
    Nowadays I went back to studying the violin and other instruments as well: guitar, way of knowing that making mistakes is something necessary for growth was one of the best things I learned.

  • Self-knowledge: - knowing my limits - Understanding that sleepless nights and nights will not make me better, not seeing in a bad way that I gave up playing in an orchestra, knowing that everything is training, is not a gift.

  • Trust: playing in front of an audience is more proof of confidence, we may not be sure, not entirely sure, but after several training sessions, playing the violin for an audience gave me a lot of confidence.
    Of course, I work in my confidence every day, but having had this experience since I was a little girl made me have enough courage to submit lectures, speak in front of an audience, and one of the main ones: speaking in English


I could stay here for hours and hours writing about various things that music taught me, but I want this article to be an inspiration, I entered the world of technology was not for love, it was by choice and I played because I loved.
And all of a sudden I stopped by little because I gave up playing in an orchestra made me think that I had never been good enough.

And in programming we always think we're bad, we always see better projects than ours, and we don't think we're good enough, and it's all about self-knowledge and TRAINING!

an boy training at skate

The world of programming is very demanding, and the tendency to think we're bad is much greater, music taught me that there's always going to be someone better than me... What we need to overcome is ourselves, not others.

So guys, having had a hard and loving experience with music early on was very good, I learned from an early age that I make a mistake, and that to be good I must practice, a lot I learned from small practice nowadays!

The notes, the chords and the difficult climbs are the impossible tasks that I take, I need to practice to do well, and if I can not get information and train until I can!

Thanks and Let's be connected();

I hope somehow I have helped you being a developer or not!
If you identify with something you said, want to talk about, you can call me on social media or call me on the telegram @anabsneri

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thanks, keep going, keep coding;

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