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Having The Right Growth Mindset

Having the right Mindset in life is one of the more important things an individual can have to succeed and be outstanding.

I recently came across a challenge, requiring me to develop a simple application that utilizes the RESTful API architecture to return details about products in a store, then it should respond to tests, i.e. continuous integration tool: travis-ci and code coverage tool: coveralls which I call auxiliary coding tools.

I’ve never come across such a task previously and so I decided to take-on the challenge. Firstly, I did a little research on Google, searching for articles written by those with experience in writing similar applications and I found about 2 results which were easy to comprehend and easy to setup, after about 30 minutes of searching.

I ensured to look into what they did, step-by-step to see if I could figure out what information they had put down, assimilate & articulate, then understand.
Afterwards I came up with a plan to tackle the challenge at hand, modelling my solution after the ones I saw online especially with the aspect of using the auxiliary coding tools to ensure my application is free of bugs and additional code added won’t break the whole chain of code written previously.

Having the right growth mindset involves having humility, making oneself teachable and possessing an infinite desire to never stop learning. Having a positive mentally also helps.

Also remember to put your trust in God.

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