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How to select the right eCommerce Web Development Platform for your Enterprise

By the year 2040, it's estimated that 95% of all purchases will be through eCommerce.

If you’re planning to upgrade your eCommerce software to benefit the most from it, you will be pleased to hear that you’ve made the right choice.

However, picking the perfect eCommerce software might not be as simple as it seems. It is one of the most crucial decisions that you make quite early on in your eCommerce ride.

There are many best eCommerce platform 2021 for eStores. Below is a guide that will help you a lot through your eCommerce system development journey. We have put some of the major factors and considerations you need to follow, to be successful in developing one.

How to Choose Ecommerce Platform

There are many other aspects that you should take into account besides looking at development and operating while choosing an eCommerce platform or eCommerce Development Services:

1. Vendor Experience and Expertise

Always be aware of the service provides has the right experience and the much needed technical skills to meet the requirements and complications of your requirements. Also, check if they have all the above experience and knowledge of working in the same industry.

Do some research to browse through the customer reviews and forum postings to check if the company is equipped efficiently to manage and deliver more than simply development.

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2. Scalability Possibilities

Always question when your business grows, will the chosen eCommerce platform can be scaled alongside? The eCommerce tool you selected is the power plug of your business. Your business growth can be hindered quite a lot if your platform is tough to scale.

3. Support System

If things are not in place, can the vendor promise to support you and help resolve the issue or the issue or not? Search for vendors who offer round the clock support and you can speak with them via email, phone, as well as webchat.

4. Mobile-friendliness

A mobile-friendly platform is a must. According to BigCommerce, mCommerce in the UK, Germany, and the UK will account for 1/3 of the entire sale of retail eCommerce.

5. SEO-friendliness

eStores with efficient SEO modules will rank your website improve your search results. Crucial aspects to consider while searching for an SEO friendly eCommerce platform contain:

• Introducing a blog to your website
• Utilizing your own domain name
• Letting customers drop reviews/feedback

6. Security

Maybe security is the most crucial aspect to pay attention to. As eCommerce is an online system that is accepting payments, you should ensure your eCommerce provider the required and standard protocols of transactions in place.

4 Critical Mistakes to Avoid Picking an eCommerce Platform

Below are the 4 mistakes people make when opting out of the best eCommerce platform for their website:

1. Selecting Clunky Giant System

An eCommerce system developed on a strong monolithic infrastructure results in rigid and slow performance. Also, on updating a small component of your platform, you will need to engage the whole system or a large part of it which leads to long downtimes.

You should, instead, pick an eCommerce system that has a micro-service structure that can be simple to edit, upgrade or even update. This’s because all the separate elements function individually and interact with one another through APIs. This results in an improved experience for both your customers as well as your team.

2. Many Features

When you select a platform with too many features the scalability will get impacted. Never invest in a platform that has much more features than you require. This not only pauper you for features that you aren’t using but also wastes your money on unused features.

Pick a system that satisfies the minimum “must-have” needs and also allows you extra plugins and modules to add as your business progresses. This supports you to maintain your expenses within budget with the evolution of your business.

3. Selecting a difficult to Scale Platform

If you opt for a platform that is not easy to expand, it can mar your business growth. One of the most important reasons lack of scalability in some platforms is the fact that they never support the multi-site and multi-tenancy concept. Also, they have a weak infrastructure or are placed on local servers.

4. Without any Objectives

We mentioned earlier in this blog how important it is to set your milestones before you choose an eCommerce platform. If you are not sure of your objectives at the initial eCommerce selection phase, you’d waste your time and can select the unwanted eCommerce tool.

Below are some of the important objectives when releasing an eStore:

• Release your eStore in 3 months
• To promote the product in demand
• To collect contact details of about a 1,000 user of your market
• To make a fixed sales in the figure in a deadline


These are the most important aspects in terms of platform selection and mistakes to avoid. The best thing is to engage an Ecommerce Website Development Company in India to avoid making any similar mistake and selecting the most suitable platform for your eStore.

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