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I'm writing an open source sci-fi book

I'm releasing an open source sci fi novel. You can read it for free on github.

It's my second book, but my last one was ~8 years ago. Things have changed!

Marketing a book is weird. It feels qualitatively different than launching a new saas project. But I'm trying a similar approach. This would be the 'open-core' approach. The book itself is (perhaps) worthless on its own without an audience. And I don't have an audience yet. So the book is "open source" as a way to get attention, and perhaps after several books it will turn into an audience.

I'm only on day 3. Nothing has blown up on reddit or hacker news, etc.

Current stats on day 3:

  • 252 views on github
  • 8 stars on github
  • 3 reads on medium
  • 5 reads on wattpad
  • 0 email signups
  • 0 presales on gumroad
  • 0 presales on amazon

Running ads on fb + reddit to github

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oh interesting. Never heard of RoyalRoad, I'll check them out. Thanks!