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Game Development Postmortem: TallerTower

wrldwzrd89 profile image Eric Ahnell ・1 min read

What went right: The flow of gameplay from floor to floor of the tower, keeping extra grinding to a minimum, worked as intended.

What did NOT go right: Sure, you do not have to grind much, but you spend so much time searching for the exit that you get more money than you can ever spend before long. The weird dungeon layouts do not help matters, either.

One of my more interesting experiments made with "Diane", a homemade game engine in the Java language - used for plenty of other games. I even made a family tree of them...

    |                                                                \
Maze Runner ---------------------------------------------            |
    |           \               \                        \           |
Fantastle  Dungeon Diver    LaserTank (original)  Maze Runner 2  TAP (Text Adventure
    |           |               |                                    Parser)
 Mazer5D   Dungeon Diver 2  LaserTank Remix
    |           |               |
BrainMaze  Dungeon Diver 3  LaserTank EE (Enhanced Edition) (inactive)
    |           |
GoldHunt   Dungeon Diver 4 --------------------------------
                |                         \                \
           DDRemix / DD5                Katie     Dynamic Dungeon (new)
                |                         |                |
           Dynamic Dungeon (old) / DD6  Rachel    Twisted Trek (inactive)
            TallerTower (focus of this post)
        Chrystalz (inactive)

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