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Indie Game update: Engine Failure

wrldwzrd89 profile image Eric Ahnell ・1 min read

Commercial Indie Game Dev (2 Part Series)

1) Here goes nothing... my first ever commercial indie game project! 2) Indie Game update: Engine Failure

Sometimes, you realize the path you are on is a dead end. This happened to me today - and the failure is in the very core, at the engine layer. Fortunately, it happened in the prototyping stage, which is exactly why I made a prototype. I have a new engine selected, which I now have to learn how to use. Thankfully, I've got no shortage of tutorials and samples to get me started.

As for the game itself, it's conceptually unchanged, and the assets need only minor changes to use in the new engine. Thank the stars this happened early enough that it's not a tremendous burden to get right!


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