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5 Best Coding Challenge Websites For Beginners

The Best way to improve your coding skills is by solving lots of coding problems. By solving the coding problems, you will get familiar with the programming language, improve your logical skills, interactive coding, learn the inside out of programming concepts, get prepared for the job interviews, and a lot more.


The Exercism is an Online Coding platform founded by Katrina Owen and Jeremy Walker in 2013. Exercism has 3400+ exercises across 52 different languages offered free of cost to users. Exercism offers a mentor for the solution discussions after you submit a working solution to a problem. As of today, Exercism has over 330K users in over 200 countries, 50 programming languages, and 1.4m solutions submitted.


SPOJ platform is based on the Online Judge System where users submit the programs for automatic assessment. SPOJ has more than 13000 tasks with 45 different programming languages. SPOJ has around 814k registered users, 6835 public problems, and more than 2.6m submissions as of today.


Programmr is an internet interactive platform for anyone to discover and practice coding. They believe that the most effective means to find out is at your very own pace in a self-taught setting. Programmr claims to make the globe's ideal coding simulators, where you can code as well as run all kinds of programs and can be considered as best coding website for beginners. Programmr has a fantastic online coding simulator as well as a B2B API that permits anybody to integrate coding widgets right into internet sites.

TopCoder Challenges-

TopCoder is a competitive programs platform. It supplies a collection of mathematical challenges that you can take on in your own personal code editor. There's constantly challenges up as well as running on the site as well as you can constantly get involved if you're up for it.


Codewars is a properly designed platform where individuals collaborate to create obstacles. There are two groups of individuals making it work, the programmers who authorize kata to educate different techniques, fix kata with services that inform others, and also comment with positive responses, and also the leaders will certainly moderate the content as well as area.

There are off course more platforms where you can practice coding and the key concepts. The above websites can be ideal for a beginner as they have a simple User Interface with minimal things on screen that may intimidate sometimes.

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