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5 Most Useful Websites for Coding Interview Preparation in 2020

Appearing for the Interview is a difficult task on its own but now the software developer has evolved very much. Years ago, if you prepare only Data structures and Algorithms, it would have been enough to ace the interview. But now it is nowhere near sufficient to pass the interview. You need to not only show your relevant skills but also support skills that would eventually help you grow in your career. For this, you need Interview preparation tips, Interview Common questions, and most importantly, the best coding interview prep path.


With 90 thousand interviews in the past year, has taken the responsibility of matching tech talent with the world’s most innovative companies. Founded in the year 2012, is a perfect platform for people living in metropolitan areas of the United States, Canada, and Europe.

All you need to do is create a free account and you can have companies to interview you for a job. By combining unbiased career counseling and excellent job matching, the platform helps people in finding a job that they love.

Both the candidates as well as companies have total transparency into salary offers, competing for opportunities and job details. By assisting candidates with their job interviews, makes the recruiting process quicker and more efficient than ever before. Hired stands out for best coding interview prep on the transparency and unbiased career counseling.

Stack Overflow Careers:

If you are a programmer then you surely must have used Stack Overflow to get some queries solved, but do you know that Stack Overflow also provides a platform where companies can post jobs and search for suitable employees they need and also get interview preparation tips from developers around the globe.

Stack Overflow Careers was built with the mission of helping developers all around the globe find work they love. It’s quite easy to get started and you can participate as you wish. All you need is a Stack Overflow account and you can simply browse and apply for jobs.

Stack Overflow provides an option to create a "developer story" so that employers who are looking for you might find you more easily.


A stronghold of algorithm solving is very important for cracking any programming problem, ace the interview, and Leetcode is probably the best site to practice programming problems. They provide many interview preparation courses for tech companies and roles that consist of numerous coding problems that cover several important topics for an interview.

The questions have a similar difficulty level to FANG interviews and cover various programming languages including C, C++, C#, Java, Python, and JavaScript. Also, the answers are evaluated by an online judge to provide a realistic feel of an interview.

A comprehensive list of the average scores of other developers is also displayed so that you can set a benchmark and work your way up the ladder.

Simple Programmer:

Simple Programmer is a popular programming blog founded by the author of "Soft Skills: The Software Developer's Life Manual", John Sonmez. It is dedicated to teaching software developers the required soft skills and career skills for the preparation of programming interviews.

The content is really holistic in nature and one can find articles on a variety of topics from improving your career to developing proper technical skills for an interview.

The site also includes some paid products as well as free courses and resources including career tools, programmer gifts, and more. You can even write for the blog as there is an option for submitting your own articles and sharing your experience with the community.

Interview Cake:

Considered as the best source for interview preparation by candidates, Interview Cake is a platform that offers the best articles, tips, and content for your programming interview preparation.

The site is popular for its free 7-day crash course that will help you in quickly breaking down tricky algorithmic coding interview questions. Users of Interview Cake have been able to crack interviews of more than 40 popular companies including Apple, Tesla, Google, etc.

If you need a more comprehensive preparation module, Interview Cake also provides a full course on interview preparation that will teach you everything from the scratch and even provide guidance beyond solving coding problems. The full course subscription is priced at $90 for 6-month access and $160 for yearly access.

Bonus Website:

Preparation for a coding interview can be done in many ways but what better than an interview itself. provides a library of actual video interviews that you can watch, and you can even pay to anonymously take a mock interview with an engineering hiring manager.

This unique approach towards coding interview preparation has made it a popular platform among aspirants. All you need to do is create an account and you instantly get your free membership which unlocks the ability to hold a mock online interview having algorithmic problems, system design problems, and more conducted by top professionals from leading firms like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft.

If you are satisfied with your performance in the mock interview, you can "unmask" yourself and even set up a real, onsite interview with that particular company. This way you might even get hired while preparing itself.

Whether you are a fresher or someone in search of an alternative job, an interview is very important and it is even more important than how one utilizes the available resources.

The above-mentioned sites are certainly some of the best resources for preparation, but in the end, it all comes down to how religiously and diligently you use the sources to crack the interview.

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