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My New Year's resolutions

Hey folks! I love the resolutions that are going around here and I thought I would do my own! I'm only a month late, so we are off to a good start... 🀣 First off, I wanna point out this great post by Frederik:

I love the idea and I want to try it out. So without further ado, my 2019 theme is:


I've been a developer for a while now. I've worked a few different types of jobs mostly in consulting or on a product team. One thing I am starting to realize is that good development starts with good principals. I'm still working on refining and discovering what all of those principals are, but here are a few that I am currently pursuing.


  1. Continuous metrics drive continuous improvement
  2. Opinions are not facts.
  3. Don't blame, fix.


  1. Don't make your code do too much.
  2. You can't fix code by staring at it.
  3. Write Everything Twice
  4. Always comment your abstractions
  5. Optimize for deletion


  1. Write for yourself, edit for your reader


  1. Close the loop. Don't let connections fall off.


  1. A mentor will share their experiences with you to contribute to your knowledge base.
  2. A mentor will use their network to help you succeed to achieve your goals.

Some other goals

  1. Write on at least once a week
  2. Speak at a tech conference
  3. Release some work on a side project I have been developing
  4. Release 3 series around learning to be a developer (First one is being written now!)

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