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ColorOS on Realme devices will soon let you disable content recommendations

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Over the last couple of years, a couple of Chinese OEMs have completely disrupted the market by offering devices with amazing hardware at an unbelievable price. While these manufacturers do take some obvious cost-cutting measures to reach the desired price point, they also make use of other methods to generate more revenue. These include system-wide ads that pop-up just about everywhere in the OS and do nothing but tarnish the user experience. Both Xiaomi and Realme are guilty of pushing such ads or promotions on their respective Android skins — MIUI and ColorOS — but the companies have been taking measures to make the experience a bit less obnoxious for users.

ColorOS RealmeColorOS Realme

Earlier this year, we learned that Xiaomi was working to get rid of some ads in MIUI and give users a new setting to turn off all ads in the system apps. Now, Realme is following the same path and has revealed plans to add a similar feature in ColorOS. According to a recent post on the Realme community forums, the company will be adding a new toggle in an upcoming update for ColorOS 6 which will allow users to completely disable content recommendations. The toggle will effectively turn off all store recommendations that pop-up in the notifications panel or other parts of the OS and give users a better experience.

Disable Content Recommendations

The post states that the company is adding new commercial content recommendations in the OS which will appear in two places — the Phone Manager app and the Security Check page. The content recommendations will be turned on by default, but users will get the option to turn them off from within the device settings. To turn off recommendations, users will have to navigate to the new Get Recommendations option in the Additional Settings and turn off the toggle labeled Receive app and content recommendations. As of now, it isn’t clear if disabling content recommendations will also disable notifications from the Theme Store and the App Market.

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