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What tools do you use to build your resume?

In these times a lot of devs find ourselves updating our resume, either by necessity or "just in case". So I was curious about what is people using in this time to build their resumes, maybe a good old plain doc? Or some fancy illustrator template?

What is your prefered way to build a resume in 2020?

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Stephanie Handsteiner

When I updated my personal branding I also redid my resume in LaTeX. Besides the certainty that every heading, keyword, list item, ... looks exactly the same, it's also way more convenient to update the resume regularly when you're not moving yer design elements around trying to update it (or maybe I'm just too dumb to use freakin' Word! 😅)

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I feel you, never been able to generate something useful using word :/ My last resume was also on LaTex! The downside is I have to relearn it every time!

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Carolyn Stransky

What I've been doing so far is using a README and a GitHub pages template for a more comprehensive virtual resume ( For a one-page PDF, I love the templates done by Amy Doz (

Neither are a perfect system, but I've been trying to find new ways to maintain a resume because I always seem to fall into the trap of never updating it but then as soon as I need one it takes hours 🙈