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50 + 10 = 50 Unique Python Project with 10 lines of Code

It's an IBM-er's GitHub repository featuring 50+ Python applications with only 10 lines of code! In this repository, you'll find a wide range of topics such as Machine Learning, Deep Learning, GUI, Computer Vision, and API development. Each application is designed to be simple and concise, making it easy to understand and modify. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, these applications are perfect for learning and experimenting with Python. So dive in, explore, and have fun!

Additionally, we understand that sometimes code can be complex, which is why we've created video explanations for each project available on our YouTube channel. With these resources at your disposal, you can quickly gain a deep understanding of the code and easily customize it to suit your needs. Subscribe to the YouTube channel @qxresearch to receive updates on new projects! Which also enables you to join a community of like-minded Python enthusiasts and stay connected with a passionate group of learners and experts.

GitHub Repository : qxresearch/50python

Author : @xiaowuc2

This repository is only the project version of this course : Computational Thinking : Python

I am a Machine Learning Researcher, currently working in IBM with expertise in solving real-world problems through coding. Taught 20,000+ students & working professionals to crack coding interviews and land their dream job TCS, Walmart, Accenture, Cognizant. My research has been recognized through publications in esteemed journals such as Springer1 and O'Reilly2.

Computational Thinking : Python : Python course to crack coding interviews (Recorded / Live)
Let's Have an intellectual conversation :

Python Applications

Machine Learning Applications


  • ✒️ email-automation : Tool to automate automate news briefing and blogging from custom senders (mail)
  • custom-chatbot : ask chatbot to do custom work on the bases of the task (eg. script writer)
  • 📟 whisper-speech-text : OpenAI's anoher API to convert text from audio
  • ⚙️ finetuned-gpt : Train chatGPT on your custom data & ask queries from that data
  • 💠 voice-assistant : Voice assistant based on ChatGPT and WhisperAPI (Audio input & output)
  • 🐻 web-scraping-summarizer : This tool scraping a given website and summarizes the main context
  • your-prespective : You can train ChatGPT to perceive things the way you do, and it will imitate you!
  • 📖 bhagavad-gita-gpt : A religious book which contains all the answers to find our purpose and to live it fully
  • 🏜 vector-databse : This is how you can send big text files to chatgpt and avoid the token limits


Refer to this setup video to install the dependencies and generate API keys and incorporate with our applications. I've articulated the steps in text format here :

  • Install the dependencies following these steps :

    • Star this repository (top right corner) for future reference
    • <>Code > Download ZIP > Open cmd/terminal in that location
    • Run this command : pip install -r requirements.txt
    • Replace API keys in yml files

* The setup for different projects might not be the same. Please refer to the individual setup guides given for each project.

Keep on coding! Earthling!!

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