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Please recommend me a tech stack

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This hacktoberfest, I want to give back something to the community where I'm living. I'm thinking of creating a map which you can review the living condition of certain area.

  1. Once you give the lat long you can see reports regarding crime rate, noise, air quality, pollution etc. Each criterion is going to be on a different layer of the map which you can turn on off.

  2. There should also be historical reports to see simple charts and stuffs.

  3. Information may come from official sources or from user reports. Users can also upload reviews and pictures.

  4. The site should be in multiple language.

  5. Scalability would be great.

I code in php and JavaScript and know a bit about golang and lua. I'm also familiar with nginx, redis, mariadb, clickhousedb. I can learn new things if necessary. Thank you ❤️.

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Jonathan Boudreau

Interesting idea! It sounds like location data is going to be a major component in the app, and PostgreSQL has great support for that via PostGIS.

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yellow1912 Author

Thank you. I have been thinking about learning pgsql, this is a good reason.