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Tips for a incoming MERN fullstack engineer (fresh grad)

Hi there, this is my first ever post here on DEV. I've just recently graduated and fingers crossed managed to land a job as an associate fullstack developer; primarily on MERN and also some and C# on the company's existing platform.

I would say I have about a year and half worth of react academic experience with courses in university and also online sources such as tutorials, projects and courses. But my primary proficient language all this while is in Java and spring boot.

I have been fiddling and picking up node.js and mongoDB recently for the interviews and now for the upcoming job I'm probably tasked on eventually. Any kind advice or tips on what to emphasize on in terms of what to look out for in fullstack development and better and more efficient ways to pick up MERN in general better and quicker?

Thank you and stay safe out there folks.


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