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Just released: dadjokes microservice for testing

Just a sample, funny, little microservice used for testing Kong API Gateway, Kubernetes, K8s, Docker, Kuma Service mesh, Istio Service Mesh, etc. Deployment examples up on git hub.

Alt Text

  "Jokes": {
    "Opener": "What did the mountain climber name his son?",
    "Punchline": "Cliff"

Deployment Examples

See usage examples for Kubernetes, Kong for Kubernetes Ingress Controller, and docker-compose in the examples directory folder.

With Docker

Docker image is Alpine 3.9 based running on Apache. The containter exposes both ports 80 an 443 with a self signed certificated. If you wish to alter the container configuration, feel free to use the Dockerfile in this repo ( Otherwise, you can pull the latest image from DockerHub with the following command:

docker pull yesinteractive/dadjokes

Typical basic usage:

docker run -it yesinteractive/dadjokes

Typical usage in Dockerfile:

FROM yesinteractive/dadjokes
RUN echo <your commands here>

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